XTC Pot Single Malt – 2024 Release 1

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We have taken freshly emptied red wine barrels and have given them a heavy toast finish inside. This toasting process has caramelised the natural sugars in the wine as well as converted some of the wine tannins and sugars in the French oak. We have matured a lightly spicy single malt whisky in these barrels which has imparted a smooth roundness complimenting the spicy notes while imparting beautiful floral notes from the red wine. The light pink/peach hue imbued from the barrel treatment is spectacular. The toasted casks have been perfectly selected and produced an exceptional Whisky.

Nose: Very intriguing from first nose. Sweet malt and milk chocolate lead onto a whole spectrum of perfumed aromas. It is almost effervescent on the nose with tingles of geranium, ginger, cloves, bergamot, cinnamon, lavender…like opening a fancy box of chocolates. Notes of a delicious, mulled wine coming in at the back. Exciting!

Palate: The nose does not lie. Everything detected on the pallet is coming through on the taste. In perfumed layers of rose oil, orange oil, ginger. Very warming and mouth coating and waxy. This is a luxurious dram. Lovely flavours of black raspberry cassis and dark chocolate laced with hints of coconut liquorice allsorts.

Finish: A long and complex and elegant finish with all the oils fading of gentles. Spices of ginger and candied fennel seeds hang around on the palate with traces of candied orange and ylang ylang in the background. This is an amazing dram! Seriously delicious and stand out as it is very different, the structure is impeccable.

Estimated Maturation Date: June 2024
Estimated Bottling Date: August 2024
Estimated Delivery Date: September 2024
Quantity: 500 bottles
Alcohol Volume: 48%
Bottle Size: 700ml
Cask Alcohol Volume: 63%
Cask Filled Date: May 2022
Distillation Technology: Pot Still
Ingredient: Malted Barley
Master Distiller: Dawid Ostrowski
Cask Type: Ex Red Wine - Barossa
Cask Size: 300L
Cask Wood Variety: American Oak

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