XB Single Malt Whisky – 2026 Release 1

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Victorian grown pure malted barley has been used to craft this beautiful whisky. Distilled to retain some of the heavier oils while still delivering a lighter fruity and malt forward character. Aging in Ex bourbon barrels will smooth all these characteristics together while adding some light spice notes. The whisky achieved will be an exceptional well balanced fruit and spice whilst retaining oils and velvety finish.

Nose: New Make Nose. Confection apples. Apple flavoured snakes/green liquorice straws. Very “sweet” on the nose with background of very ripe blackberries. Notes of malt and milk chocolate coming through, like TeeVees malt sticks. Little pops of peppermint oil. Very welcoming.

Palate: New Make Pallet. Mouthfeel is waxy with ‘green’ flavours, fresh cut grass and mint in background. Not as sweet as first thought by the nose, quite a drying sensation with notes of anise and fresh green apples. Opens through time on palate to deeper fruit notes of cooked/poached apples. Kick of pine in there also.

Finish: New Make Finish. Medium length-malt husks linger on the palate along with a floral note of geranium and hits of dark chocolate.

Estimated Maturation Date: June 2026
Estimated Bottling Date: August 2026
Estimated Delivery Date: September 2026
Quantity: 500 bottles
Alcohol Volume: 44%
Bottle Size: 700ml
Cask Alcohol Volume: 63%
Cask Filled Date: May 2023
Distillation Technology: Coffey Still
Ingredient: Malted Barley
Master Distiller: Dawid Ostrowski
Cask Type: Ex Bourbon
Cask Size: 200L
Cask Wood Variety: American Wood

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