XTM Pot Single Malt – Inaugural Release

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Made from Chocolate Malted Barley, in specially selected and hand picked ex Makers Mark bourbon casks that display light spice character, imparted from their previous bourbon use.
We have matched this with the wash that has been created using the chocolate malt before running through our pot still. This has created a spirit with a high oil content and delivers roast, toast and chocolate notes and pairs exceptionally with the spice and American White Oak character imparted by the barrels. Producing a level of complexity on the pallet with a smooth finish that the creamy chocolate malt deserves.

Nose: Milk chocolate covered violet lollies. Hints of Edinburgh rock (Scottish lolly) raspberry bullets with notes of canned pineapples. Then into perfumed notes of jasmine, neroli and oakmoss (very expensive perfume!) very elegant and interesting. Smacks of fudge and malt sticks at the back.

Palate: Warming and quite dry on the palate. Malt loaf and pinecones then onto dark chocolate covered dates…more malty note lead into blackcurrant and liquorice notes. Then lots of deep woody flavours. Mahogany and dark oak. Flickers of burnt lemon oil in the back.

Finish: Long and warming finish with notes of almond skins, dark plum and chocolate ovaltine (milo). Lots of woody notes hang around at the back. With hits of candied ginger.

Estimated Maturation Date: October 2023
Estimated Bottling Date: March 2024
Estimated Delivery Date: March 2024
Quantity: 250 bottles
Alcohol Volume: 54%
Bottle Size: 500ml
Cask Alcohol Volume: 65%
Cask Filled Date: July 2021
Distillation Technology: Pot Still
Ingredient: Chocolate Malt
Master Distiller: Dawid Ostrowski
Cask Type: Ex Bourbon - Makers Mark
Cask Size: 200L
Cask Wood Variety: American Oak

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